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Thread: button ideas?

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    button ideas?

    now that i found this program for winamp (Com-Port Winamp Control) i decided to make some hard buttons on my dash to directly control the pc without the screen being rolled out and on.

    i want to have green-backlit buttons to match the rest of my truck, i was wondering if anyone has made their own? or is there a website that sells small translucent buttons for things like "play", "ff, rr", "power off"?

    i think ill add a row of 5 unspecified buttons too, and turn those into preset internet radio stations. i think ill end up just molding some little buttons out of clear epoxy.. and just print labels onto clear stickers and stick them on the buttons. i was just hoping there is an easier way (all the old remotes i have dont have translucent buttons, so i cant hack off of those).

    this remote would be perfect, as the buttons are backlit and all round circles so i could easily just drill out some holes in my faceplate...

    its $20 though... too much money to be hacking the just the buttons off it.

    edit- someone has a couple dozen of the vista mce remotes on ebay right now, i bought 3 for $19. these buttons should work well.

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    Check how the buttons are mounted and connected internally before drilling....

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    doesnt matter... im just using the rubber part as a decorative cap basically. i have some micro tactile switches coming and these will just be epoxy'd on them. this is the best way i can figure to add custom buttons without making things look crappy...

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