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    Box Material

    Ok I have made a 5/8 mdf box for my 2 10" subs. I work at a wood shop and we have extra bambo material that is going in the fire. So I was wondering if it would be better to make my box out of 3/4 solid bambo wood or just stick with my 5/8 mdf box.

    If people dont know what bambo is, its a very hard wood, almost as hard as oak.

    Its not plywood or particle core, its solid bambo wood.

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    i googled "why use mdf for subwoofer box?"

    and this was the first link:

    mdf is less resonant then other woods, which will allow for better sound..

    also, btw, this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so the audio specific advice is a little slim..

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    I think the bamboo might be an interesting alternative. Most bamboo that I've seen used in carpentry -- like flooring -- is made from thin strips laminated together. That would give the bamboo many of the same properties of MDF, which is a composite of sawdust and resin. It may be possible that -- because bamboo is very hard -- it could be closer to high density fiberboard, which is even more dense (and heavy) than MDF and is used in high-end applications.

    I think the bamboo might be worth a shot, and it would certainly give you some interesting bragging rights.
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    I say make it and compare it, then sell whichever you don't like.
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    thanks for the info guys, i think im going to do what you said, just make it and compare.

    and yea this is just bambo strips glued together, looks really nice, but if it sounds bad its as good as firewood.

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