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Thread: Need help building a custom sub box

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    Need help building a custom sub box

    I'm using a 12" MTX Thunder sub with ported box as a package that I picked up at Future Shop for $275. I never really ended up using it until now and I just need help making a new box that will house my amp and sub in one but won't affect the sound quality so I was looking around and I've found pretty much nothing on how to make custom home theater boxes. I always end up back here though some how cause of all the fiberglass sub boxes for cars and such.

    Just curious who could help me out with some box designs for putting the amp IN the sub box.

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    I think it it were me, I would just build a sealed downfiring box with the electronics added on in a separate box to the rear of it. Then the hole think could be framed and wrapped in speaker cloth or painted with base/clear or bit of both.
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    Check out and, they have a section on buildings boxes. Partsexpress will also have box amps made for sub woofer builds.

    But really you're going to build the box per manufacturer specs so there's nothing special there.

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