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Thread: making bezel for 2003-2007 Caravans

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    making bezel for 2003-2007 Caravans

    Well I made my first bezel for a 2001 Dodge ram, I made it do accomedate a Pioneer Avic F900Bt. Those dashes are DIN 1.5 I think, I had to remove material in the dash to make it fit. It turned out halfway decent for my first attempt, but it was pretty much just jammed in there, the opening was totally square(on the bezel) the radio was secured by strapping. Well now I have 2007 Caravan, I want to do a little better job of installing this radio. I had to remove material from the dash itself, might have to remove more. I got a little wild with the dremel on the bezel, looks crappy. I will post pictures of the areas I removed, right now I just have the radio set in there and it was a pain in the ***, I had to move the radio around while trying to put the bezel on. I hope to make it nice enough to where i can just set the bezel on.

    Anyway, I know its a little late now since I already cut the hole, how do you guys get the openings in the right spot, I ended up putting it to the left a little bit. I have ordered 2 metra kits, one to mount it the other to make the bezel opening, this is a surrounding type of metra kit.

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    here is my previous project in a 2001 Ram

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    If the radio gets secured to something behind bezel, do that first. Make sure it's nice and tight and not going to move around on you. Tape the face up. Now put the bezel on. If it doesn't fit cut away. Then build up to the taped body... The bezel will then look like they were made for each other.

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