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Thread: 8th gen Honda Civic Kick Panels, TONS of Pics!, Nex in the house!

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    Because your awesome work always deserves first page- (and your PM box is full!!)

    I just wanted to say thanks for the time you put in giving me advice on making a sub enclosure. It came out half decent. Definitely nothing like you can make, but I did enjoy the project.

    I just posted up a DIY with most of my pictures on the corolla website that I frequent. You can check it out hereif you want.

    If you happen to read through it (its pretty darn long) and note that I did something horribly wrong or am offering incorrect advice, please let me know! I didn't post the DIY pretending to be an expert, but I don't want to steer people in the wrong direction either. I just want to let them know that it IS possible for them to try it, and offered whatever knowledge I had gained from my attempt.

    BTW the tweeter pods that you were helping me with ended up being ridiculously simple because I'm an idiot. I got most of my pvc made up and sanded, took off the pod covers to play with them, and noted that my tweeters actually DID fit in there if I ground out some of the plastic holder from the old tweeter. So I threw out my project, ground some plastic with a dremel, glued in my tweeters and popped the pods back into place 15min a pod. Wasted a few hours of sanding because I didn't spend enough time playing with mounting options.

    Thanks again for all your help!!!


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    wow those came out reallllly nice. i like the textured look after painting. came out looking factory. excellent job

    i'd be scared with no grills on a kickpanel speaker

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