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Thread: Help With Fabrication all Help Wanted

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    Help With Fabrication all Help Wanted

    Okay here is the deal..

    I have a 2006 Cadillac Escalade ext.

    I bought a new mac Mini.
    A Sony Oled Monitor

    And Alpine x303 Radio

    So I decided to install this setup..

    So in the first few pictures I cut the lower center counsel out to provide room for the Alpine and the Mac Mini.

    Then I decided to cut the top area of the cadillac out where the radio and heater controls were to house the Sony Oled display.

    This is what I started with

    Next this is where I got

    What I need help is on finishing these 2 sections.. I am very mechanical inclined and almost able to do anything.. But All I need is some

    First on the lower part. Am I right in doing this? Stable some polyester material to the wood.. then do fiberglas and sand it out and then paint?

    The top part is gonna be the hardest part yet I imagine.
    Laying a bezel to get the tv to fit.. getting the perfect curves.
    Some ideas for the top. Tell me if im wrong.
    Cut wood template for the front with a hole in it for the tv.
    then staple polyester and then fiberglass.
    Then read on how to make a bezel in fabrication area and attaching it to the current hard plastic dash .. then sand and paint?

    Thanks for any help in advance..

    Or do i go and fill in any mistakes with wood filler, then Sand... then buy this from Ebay?

    Then lay that on the lower center counsel.. and then the would be complete?

    Then move on the the top area?
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    Did you read this thread?

    I think it's a fantastic write-up on how to make a factory bezel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kegobeer View Post
    Did you read this thread?

    I think it's a fantastic write-up on how to make a factory bezel.
    Yeah I read the.. I was thinking that was the way to go for the upper dash display. I dont think it can get much better than that.. Im wondering if I sand the factory plastic if I can get the that material to attach that way the factory dash piece will all be one and would match up the frame of the tv....

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    Here are a few more pictures of the display. I was thinking about making a box to put the tv in and setting the tv in but mounting it to the bottom of the fabricated box.. leaving the front part open. Cause all the controls are on the bottom piece. I have added some more pictures

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