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Thread: E36 Radio AC Bracket!

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    E36 Radio AC Bracket!

    Hello Everyone!

    Have been goin at most of this on my own.. have almost everything I need but for a few cables that Im waiting on. So i have decided 2 start getting my car ready, I have a 1997 BMW 323. I need to remove the factory Radio AC bracket so I can cut it and modify it to suit. I have all the screens out but for the 2 back lower ones on each side.. I just cant see a way to get to them.

    This is the bracket I need to get out

    If I refer to this picture ( its the far left bottom hole and far right bottom hole (hard to see right hand side hole in pic)

    I cant not get to them as things block their view.

    Anyone who has done this place give me some help!


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    I have a stubby screw drive.. but big hands.. either way.. the right hand side has a thick reo bar infront of it and other side just has no room....

    ps. i have a right hand drive.. im in australia!

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    It is a pain.

    The one of the left can be got in and out but it's a pain, you will need to remove the OBC and Sunglasses holder and come up from underneath.

    The one on the right, you might as well rip out. I never put that one back again when I fit the screen, too difficult.

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    I have the OBC and AC unit removed (ac is already down bottom) done that a few weeks ago 2 get ready. I have tried just ripping both the F*%&ers out cos I aint puttin either back in.. but dont wanna break the bracket at the same time... or I cant put the monitor back in... arrrghhhhh!! its 11pm... so gonna go have another look..

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    Im guessing youve probably got it out by now, but if not try other tools. I couldt fit any form of screwdriver round the back and get my hand in as well, so i grabbed a removable phillips screwdriver bit, from a cheap set i had, put it in the screw and turned it with a pair of pliers. This loosened the screw, and the let me turn it with my hand the rest of the way. The screw on the bottom right wont come out without taking the whole dash off im guessing, i just ripped it out, but with 3 screws the bracket will stay in fine.

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