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Thread: noob needs some help

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    noob needs some help

    I've never done glassing before so I've been reading on it for some time and watching vids. Im not using top notch materials because this is my first attempt and I know nothing goes right the first time. With that being said, I've done projects before but never a car-puter (or in this case a truck-puter).

    So here is my question. I have a stock bezel that I need to cover with material and put resin on. My bezel is plastic. How do I get the glass cloth to adhere to the plastic stock bezel? Glue? Will a staple gun work? How do you guys normally do it?

    Thanks for any help

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    if the plastic can be chemically welded, you can use a solvent and melt some scrap plastic, making a paste. Apply the first layer of cloth and use the paste to soak through the cloth and fuse with the plastic below. Once hardened, you can start in on the resin and further layers of fiberglass. I'm pretty sure most fabricators use some kind of putty for this, normally, but as for my own experience, the solvent paste would work, provided your plastic is the correct type.

    Nexson and TurboCAD are very experienced with this stuff. Try to contact one of them

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    You might not even need glass, post a picture of your project.
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    Here are some pics. This is the OEM radio bezel. As you can see the original cutout is for a 1.5 DIN. The opening right below the radio opening is for the AC controls and the bottom opening is just a dash pocket.

    So the AC controls need to be moved down to the lowest opening. Of course the opening is slightly different and the mounting holes do not line up but I think I have that figured out.

    As you can see on the bezel, the entire thing is not one flat level. The top part dips down a good half inch. So I was thinking I would have to wrap it in cloth and use resin to make it one complete level surface.

    The monitor is a 9" touch screen by Mimo. It is USB and I know whats not the best to use for a main monitor but I found out too late and will use it for now. I have several of these bezels so later on when funds allow, I can pick up a different monitor and do it again.

    Please help out where you can.

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    I definitely recommend using the same or similar materials for a dash fab. Dissimilar materials have a tendency to expand and contract at different temperatures, and you will likely have some cracks show up down the road.

    Chances are your dash bezel is PC-ABS, and the screen bezel is likely ABS, which means you can use ABS Cement (ABS resin in MEK) or ABS sludge (ABS shavings dissolved in MEK or Acetone)

    I'd say fiberglass is best suited for freeforming complex curves for center consoles, sub boxes or entire dash pieces. When you modify an existing piece, it's always better to use the same type of material.

    If you look in my worklog, you can see my dash panel. I have a little experience with the ABS cement, and making the bezel look factory.
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