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Thread: Recreating a walnut effect on a custom stereo fascia?

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    Question Recreating a walnut effect on a custom stereo fascia?

    I currently have a radio surround that is finished in walnut effect and matches other bits of walnut trim in the car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) for example on the steering wheel. The opening in the fascia for the current radio is 1.5DIN so I need to modify it to fit a 7" screen (never tried any fabbing before so that should be a fun experience!). Around the the left and right sides of where the screen will fit is a good 3" of space that will need to be filled. What I am wondering is if anyone knows of a way that I could "re-cover" the whole fascia when I've finished in a walnut effect, so it looks like a consistent finish? I was thinking there might be some printed sheets or something that I could stick onto the fascia and then lacquer over?

    Thanks very much for any help or guidance

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    most use hydrographic printing, liquid printing, or wet-transfer printing-- all reference the same method, just different names.. this is the same method the factory uses to get plastic parts to have that effect. i have seen a few places in the US, i'm not sure how many places in the UK do this though:

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