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Thread: 1994 holden statesman touch screen ideas

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    Just a thought. Have you considered making a bracket where the face of the touchscreen pivots down so the bottom of screen moves into bottom console to allow you access to the head unit? This would require a different surround finish of course. Hope this crappy drawing explains what im talking about.Attachment 63533

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    that would work, but decided ive to go with a straight up amp setup do away with the headunit altogether... finding a radio solution is going to be a pain in the *** from what i hear but see how I go... also going to try to get the steering wheel controls working aswell so that solves my issue with changing the volume/stations/tracks.... also limits my eyes off the road etc....

    i cant wait to get the surround made... but i just dont want to rush it incase everything falls in a heap lol....

    was hoping to continue actually get the cpu in this weekend but work has failed me on that idea....
    more to come soon!!

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