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Thread: Newbie in need of fabrication advice for 05 honda accord

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    Newbie in need of fabrication advice for 05 honda accord


    New here. Can someone please give me advice on how to fabricate a monitor into the bezel for my car? I've never fabricated anything before. There's a wide opening between the screen and the bezel. Preferably, I would like to install the monitor such that it can be pulled out at a later time if desired.

    Thanks and I appreciate all the help.

    The bezel from the back:
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    The monitor:
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    Monitor relative to the bezel:
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    While I am of little detail help...

    There are pictures (a little out of order) that shows what was done to create the same form for my accord on my worklog, here:

    It may give you an idea of how to proceed (heavy on the may).

    note: the effort started out the both the honda piece and a double-din monitor with case.
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    don't forget that there is also this sticky:
    how to: make a factory bezel

    it gives some great tips on getting started building a bezel.

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