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Thread: Melbourne / Australia fabrication assistance required

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    Melbourne / Australia fabrication assistance required

    I have recently gone down the route of getting a double din screen (from the store on here > and ditching my old flip up screen that i used to use.

    I have a 2006 Subaru Liberty/Legacy and ive recently purchased the factory sat nav console kit from Japan. >

    Here is the issue.

    The screen is smaller than the gap that the kit has and i need to fill this gap somehow. The gap opening W 180 x H 119 is and the screen size is W 177 x H 107. I have today tried by make a wooden frame to enclose the screen buy my fabrication skills are as good as a chocolate teapot.

    Any thoughts?
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    Take a look at first pick here. This is a similar situation, difference being i built the surface surrounding the monitor. rough up the surface of the both bezels. Tack the monitor to the bezel. CA glue (super glue) works well. Then build a surface for your filler to sit on between the gaps. Whether you use popsicle sticks or card board, doesn't matter. Now Choose your filler... this stuff is pretty good. Spread your filler using the edges of the monitor bezel and the car bezel as a guide to create a uniform surface bridging the two.

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