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Thread: car pc behind dash enclosure

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    car pc behind dash enclosure

    hello, just seing what might be the more desirabled material to build an enclosure for behind the dash. I have a few different options of aluminum, acrylic or lexan, and stainless. Since eing in a car environment and it being some what sensitive electronics seems plexi, lexan, or acrylic is the better choice as it wil keep the pc components seperated from the vehicals chassis ground. I don;t need it to fit in a dual din space but jstbehind the dash. the enclosure for the pc will also sere as the mount for the screen with just a finishing bezel over the screen and incorporating it into the dash.

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    Find a sheet of copper clad circuit board material. Easy to cut. Easy to assemble. Shielding built in.

    This is what I did

    I soldered the case together. No fasteners to mess with.

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    Metal is preferable, because you WANT the grounding and shielding it provides. Just make sure it doesn't touch parts it isn't supposed to touch. Alternatively, you can cover the outside in aluminum foil, for shielding and just make sure to have good grounding on the motherboard.

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    interesting. i would have thought a somewhat aluminum frame for strength and mounting the actual components on acrylic or lexan for isolation from the actual chassis ground of the vehicle and the possibility of keeping heat away from the pc enclosed in its own case. Was thinking a pc in an aluminum box behind the dash wouldn't be the best idea. and for any reason keeping the pc away from the chassis ground might keep away any electronic noise that might be caused, and for any reason a voltage spike the pc might not be harmed if not tied to anything metal in the dash.

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