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Thread: 4.3 inches small screen in dash for honda accord EX 7th

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    4.3 inches small screen in dash for honda accord EX 7th

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie and very interested in the customized stuffs which have factory look in this forum.
    I found the install from
    It's very simple and nice. I would like to make my honda accord EX look like that. You can attach any 4.3 inch android or gps with the factory look.

    Have you had any ideas with small screen as the attached pictures? Please give me the advices how to do it. Thanks a million.

    Quyen Tran
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    I just bought this 4.3" touch screen:
    I also bought the ARM board they suggest that you use with it.

    I am going to be making a double DIN sized enclosure for my Honda Element. I am using a small LCD because I intend to have mounting places for an iPhone right next to the display.

    Note that the LCD is a bit too tall to mount in portrait orientation in a double DIN. I will probably make a custom housing that is the size of my car radio - about 1cm larger than double DIN, just enough for it to fit.

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