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Thread: what filler should I use?

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    what filler should I use?

    hey i'm trying to fill in a small section of my dash were ford put some branding. The lettering is kind of small and kind of deeply recessed in the plastic. Here's a pic of what i'm trying to fill in. My overall goal is to paint the dash panels a gloss black with a few clear coats.

    Your input is appriciated!
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    It depends on what the material is, being a manufactured product it might say on the back stamped in or on a factory sticker. If abs then fill with that. Could be a challenge getting something that will fill and be smooth enough for the gloss black. Good luck and keep us updated SNO

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    If the panel is ABS or PVC, I'm thinking for that small cavity, you could just fill it with ABS Cement or PVC cement. Regardless of what you use, remember you need to get that surface completely roughed up before adding any glues, fillers, paints, etc to it.
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    looks like plastic just use bumper filler its a poly plastic base and flows easily just give the area a good scuff and clean before for better adhesion

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