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Thread: 100% no Joke who can help me out. I need this built and will pay!

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    100% no Joke who can help me out. I need this built and will pay!

    I have a problem, I am brand new to all of this and I need some help. I need somone to figure out how to make a Pontiac G8 Radio/ HVAC unit function independently. I am doing a 08 G8 interior in my 69 GTO. I want to use the 08/09 G8 Radio/HVAC setup. I have been told that it is possible to make this happen it just takes some work. I DO NOT KNOW how to make this work or where to start. This is the thread I started ( I have all teh schematics you need VIA my subscription. I am currently in Afghanistan so doing any of this is out of the question. This radio/HVAC setup is going to determine if I am going to have to ditch the WHOLE interior idea, so waiting until I get back is not an option. I need this done soon. I need the radio and HVAC controller to properly control the HVAC unit as well as function properly. What I want to happen is to PAY you to do the work. I want to be able to take what you do and put it in place and have it plug and play.

    If that is not possible I am looking for someone to build me a car PC setup that will work in its place.

    This is a no BS offer. I need this built I have the cash I just need someone to do the work. Any takers?

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    I would be more then happy to help, but the only way to be sure your original want is doable is to hook it up.

    Schematics help, but the buss communication is proprietary.

    What is your $?.

    you might check this place:
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    does that headunit and ac/control communicate with the can bus protocol? you may be able to use the arduino can-bus shield and library as a jumping off point
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