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Thread: Help - Securing 7" tablet to dash kit

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    Help - Securing 7" tablet to dash kit

    This is my 3rd time re-arranging this tablet install in my Dodge Magnum. This won't be the final time, as I plan on going with a Nexus 7 with dock connector before the summer is over, but for now, I need to get the current installation secured. Do you guys have any ideas on how to secure my tablet to the dash kit? I don't want it to be permanent, but if all it takes is unscrewing it or something, I'm fine with that. The least expensive option, please don't say tape, the better. I'm on my way to Home Depot to grab some bondo for the dash kit after I hacked it up. Thanks.

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    I have good results with hot-melt glue gun to secure screen to dash kit. Not so permanent and can be removed easily. SNO

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    hot glue is easiest or plastic weld on some L shape tabs/brackets to hold it in place. say at one end you could weld on a plastic block that you can screw a bracket into so its removable if needed without screwing around trying to cut it and fix it later.

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