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Thread: Need to make a new Bezel

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    Need to make a new Bezel

    Can someone either point me to a similar post from the past or a better website that may be able help me. I have a older RV and the HVAC control panel bezel has cracked on all 4 corners. I am assuming creating a mold and using an epoxy is my best method? Below is a pic of my cracked Bezel. Sorry I posted on your forum but mp3Car seems to the closest website to what I am looking to do. thanks

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    Do you still have the pieces? If so you can put them back on and use a solvent based product to "weld" them back to the original strength. Or find out if its abs and use some scrap pieces (plumbing parts shaved make good filler) to remake your corners. SNO

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    That bezel looks like it is made from ABS based off the wrinkle texture. It also looks to be just a flat piece of material. That said, I would recommend drawing it up in Corel Draw or Autocad, a vector drawing to the correct size, and send it to one of the online plastics compant sites like Tap Plastics, and have them laser cut you a new replacement.

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    Thanks, my son knows illustrator which is a vector based software

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