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Thread: how do I Mount an open frame Lcd to Bezel?

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    how do I Mount an open frame Lcd to Bezel?

    I have purchased a double din bezel and have taken a dremel to it! removing brackets and mounting for double din radio.
    This is how it looks in the dash. The opening on the bezel is slightly larger than the carnetix display (8mm wider and 4mm taller)

    I want to either buy

    as far as specs go, they are the same monitor... I would like to go with the Carnetix one because i feel it would be easier to mount. But thats only because i am unsure of how to mount the open frame Lilliput after i pull it out of the case. I have tried searching to see how people mount open frames. Only thing i could find was heating up a bolt and pressing it into the plastic in the location of the pin slots. but I dont know how i would get the monitor square.


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    I just had that issue this past summer, and what i did was to get some ABS Plastic Glue from Tap Plastics, and cut up some small chunks of ABS, then glued it to the backside to hold the openframe screen in place. The glue actually melts the plastic, and where the pieces join, turns into one solid part.

    Next I cut a bezel to hide the lcd frame. Yours would slightly change the order, where first you would cut a thin 1/32" bezel to hide the lcd frame to fit behind the OEM bezel, then hold the screen in place while gluing blocks of ABS to hold the screen in place.

    Go with the Lilliput and take the guts out.

    I only needed a few pieces of plastic to hold my frame in place. I used the tape to hold wires and an interface board in place:

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    before the gury's answer that let me tell you what i hav done. I ve bought myself a plastic ( abs is the ideal but i ve only found pvc) and aluminium corner 10mm x 20mm. So i ve cut ( the plastic ) one into 4 pieces and glue them together as a picture frame around the lcd. This way i am protecting the plastic touchscreen and the edge of the panel.

    i ve also installed some double face glue tape to hold the panel ( touchscreen) and pvc frame together.

    I have 3 small boards to glue which i glue them on the back. After that i ve made another frame with aluminium sheet and put it in the back to protect the boards adn the panel again, although that this is a task that you dont really need to follow if you are enclosing somewhere ur lcd.

    hope it helped a little

    edit": the gurus answered first finally.....

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    Thanks for the tips guys, I really appreciate it. I think im going to buy a 8" lilliput in the classifieds and tear it open to see what im working with. I think right now i can do all the planning i want but until i have anything in my hands im just guessing..

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