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Thread: A/C Control Relocation

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    A/C Control Relocation

    So, I have my engine work done on my truck, next phase of V2 is the interior. Since I am a complete n00b when it comes to fiberglassing and and kind of fabrication, I figured it would be easier to tackle my A/C controls relocation instead of the screen. Just a preview though, I am going to be putting a 15.4" into the dash.

    So, on to the A/C controls.... I am kinda just flying by the seat of my pants on this one and cutting wood and seeing what I can do with that. So far, I have made a small frame around the controls and was thinking about putting three braces underneath the whole setup attached to the dash and that would be how it would hold.

    Needed to get some feedback on what I have so far and maybe if you guys forsee any problems with this. I am going to fiberglass the whole thing when I have built the frame.

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    Alright, got a little bit deeper into this project. I think it is coming along well for my first time. I decided to build a little enclosure for the A/C controls, so started with the mold of the back part of it. My goal is to build the frame on to this molded part so that I can just fleece and resin this and have the A/C controls sit perfectly underneath. Let me know what you guys think.

    Oh also, one issue during fiberglassing is that I taped off my area, then laid the fiberglass down, but the tape stuck to the fiberglass bad and I couldn't get it all off. I did spray the tape down with WD-40, but I guess that wasn't enough. Is there something better I should use next time? Will this hurt my current project? This is the back part, so it isn't even going to be seen.

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    Might be a little late now but if you have an over head console I know of at least one person that extended the wires and placed theirs there.

    Guessing your truck from the controls is a 2002 or older truck.

    The over head console is a more logical place and leaves that area open for installing a floor console if you should so desire.

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    Yeah, I would have done that, but I already have my controller for my H701 and center channel speaker up there. In a single cab truck, I just don't have as many spots to put things.

    Also, was able to get a little further today with the fiberglassing. The fleecing was a pain,but I think I might have gotten it to work OK. The only problem was at the bottom where I should have resin'd all the way to the front like I did on the sides. It created a low spot now. My initial thought there was that I needed that space to screw the enclosure into the dash. Don't think it is going to be a problem as I am going to make a cover to go over the front of the controls and over the bottom anyways. Let me know what you guys think or if I need to do anything differently to more forward.

    VERY Rough until I start sanding and cutting excess away, but definitely looking closer to finished product.

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