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Thread: How to Manufacture Illuminated Push Buttons

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    How to Manufacture Illuminated Push Buttons


    I am searching on the web for a long time but I couldnt find any satisfying result. How can we produce illuminated push buttons? Can we produce it with 3 printer? Does anyone know any video? I am talking abuout the ones that we have in our head units.


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    To the best of my knowledge, head unit buttons are illuminated via a couple of LEDs where the light is carried along clear plastic "light pipes" that run behind the buttons.

    Are you looking to illuminate buttons on your head unit? Or to make some buttons that are to be illuminated?
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    Sorry for my late reply, I haven’t got any notifications. I would like to build up my own custom car pc, but I would like to build some hardware buttons which should look oem. I have plenty of empty places where I would like to put my LCD. So making it illuminated is just second priority first priority how can I design something like that? Is it possible to use 3d printer? Are there anybody who already have experienced it?

    The electronics part is not so hard I can use Arduino for both power-management/hardware buttons/CanBus but I dont know how to design it, and if it possible with 3d printing.


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