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Thread: Fiberglass Sub Enclosure project

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    Beautiful Porsche! I've always loved 911's!

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    Very nice...congrats!
    The future is not set. There is no fate but the one we make......S.C.

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    Awsome Work!!
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    I got some Marine vynl from my local upholstery shop. It's called Mellohide. It's soft, looks like leather and so far, hasn't faded/discolored... I think I paid $12 USD per yard. This vynl was meant to be subjected to torture of the sea. It might work for your application.

    Looks good though!

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    super nice car and super clean install i think it looks great congrats

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    I'll definitely say that looks great too. I'll be doing a fiberglass enclosure starting tomorrow for my 12" Infinity Perfect to go in my maxima. I've done some fiberglass for my first faceplate for my lcd as well, but I definitely found that fiberlgassing smaller things like that is TOUGH. I'm hoping that this sub enclosure will be much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shillier View Post
    Well, I've just finished the installation of my Sub enclosure. It was all pluged in last night. I took me just about a month of weekends and many long evening to complete.

    I wanted a custom clean look. Space was a big issue. The original subs where originally on the floor behind the driver and passenger seats in an opened enclosure. Didnt' sound good either. So my idea was to remove the rear seats, which are useless anyways, and mount the subs front facing out from the rear seats. A custom made box was essential and the only thing I thought I could use was fiberglass.

    I also got a couple new Rockford subs and a new amp to go with the new enclosure.

    I did lots of research before starting this. Most of the info and links I found here and sounddomain. However, this was a pretty good site...

    I used the same concept with the rings and all.

    Fiberglassing is lots of fun but it stinks.!! Don't do this in the house.

    These are the meterials that I used:

    2 Gallons of Resin
    3/8 and 3/4 MDF Board
    3sq meters of Fiberglass mat
    2sq meters of Fleece
    1 T-shirt
    At least 10 pairs of gloves
    5 paint brushes
    50, 80, 150, 320 Grit sand paper
    Vinyl covering
    Tuck and masking tape

    Also an essential tool for this is a Dremel tool... This is the best thing to shape the fiberglass once it's hardened.

    So here are a few pics of my project...

    This is with the fiber sheeting down. I found the best way to keep up the sheeting up against the walls, was to use some spray adhesive. Worked well for me. I also used Tuck Tape to cover the leather panels.

    Here's the first coat of resin. I did one coat of resin with the sheet and a coat of resin and the fiberglass mat before pulling it out of the car.

    This is the fiberglass shell. I used some MDF strips to strengthen up the sides of the shell before taking is out of the car. Then attached the MDF rings with more strips and a glue gun.

    Another picture of the shell and rings...

    This was the finish product after the Fleece cover had totally dried up. Ok... the fleece soaked up about 25oz of resin! if not more. I would suggest to try to limit the thickness of the fleece you use. This was pretty thick fleece and in many spots, it didn't soak all the way through.

    I'm also making sure the subs fit in the holes at this point. If they don't, you could still sand down the wood for a tight fit.

    Another one at a different angle...

    Finished with some black vinyl covering to match the leather interior. I think this was the hardest part of the project. Getting this stuff to stick and look good is tricky. Looks good though!

    Sizing the subs once again and making sure I can get them in. I let some of the vinyl overhang so that the subs would catch a little of the vinyl and seal everthing good.

    The installation of the amp. BTW... not a bad amp for the price. I'm running at 1ohm without any problems so far. Also, notice that the amp is sitting on the custom Fiberglass cover that I also made to cover the rear seats. Also covered in vinyl.

    Here it is... finished product. Finally! I looks great and sounds great too. I'm really pleased. Not the greatest picture... I'll try to post a better one later. Anyways, now it's time to get craking on the Carpc and get it installed before the car goes back on the road for the summer.

    Thank you all. I hope you enjoy. Look for more pics of my Carpc. I'm almost done. Just waiting for my Opus PS.

    Thanks again!
    nice job man!

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