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Thread: drilling through plastic

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    try sandwiching the plastic between 2 pieces of wood to avoid cracking while drilling

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    Deffinitely don't drill through the plastic on it's own. It'll totally splinter. Slow speed is better than high, since high will melt the plastic while you're still drilling and **** up everything.

    Bolts, standoffs, etc.. Home Depot.

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    What Gubon posted is basically the same thing we would do to our drill bits to drill holes in the windshields of the little jetrangers the army has. Also like someone else mentioned, you have got to have a backing as this will helo slow down the bit when you begin to go all the way through.


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    Well I may be a day late and a dollar short here, but I just finished building an all Acrylic case (1/4" think outer walls and 3/32" thick shelves).... the box was glued together using the acrylic glue (the liquid stuff) but I drill many holes in the 1/4" pieces (to hold the back face on) and in the 3/32" stuff for standoffs to mount components.

    I just took a drill about 0.010" smaller than the major dia. of the threads on what ever I was screwing in and then let the threads on the screw or standoff tap the acrylic material. It worked very well.....

    Like for attaching the back face of the case, I had to drill into the but end of the 1/4" sheet, so basically a 0.110" drill into 0.250" thick acrylic.... not a single problem with cracking..... now the drill diameter you use is important, if you make it too small the screw or standoff will have to cut away to much material (to tap the threads) and shear off.... did that once, had to start over on the piece....

    Hope it helps.

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    When i add standoffs, i usally drill a hole and then tap threads into the plastic, holds great and looks neat too!

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    I didn't see anyone mention that they make special drill bits for drilling plastics... they have a steeper pointed web (tip) on the bit... 60 I believe. Of course, there were lots of other good tips posted above... so you should be able to get'er done without any problems.


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    i'm kinda late on this post too but my advise is to drill with tiny holes first and make them bigger and bigger...and i always use the highest speed with my dremel

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    I have the brass standoffs in v1.0 straight into the plexi. Drill the right size hole, and then gently, GENTLY, ease the standoffs in, taking the time to stop, reverse and then retighten. Low torque is the answer. Worked nicely for the 1/8th inch I was using. When it's all threaded, take it out again, and file the thread down so that it's flush with the plastic.

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    For thin gauge plastic (acrylic, polycarb, etc.), , the best bit to use is a step drill bit. It looks like a stepped cone; here's a link:

    This will allow for perfect holes with no cracking. Using any other type of bit will run you the risk, and high liklihood, of cracks.

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