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Thread: The mother of all fab jobs

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    The mother of all fab jobs

    Alright, I've been researching this for about 14 months now, as I don't want to leave any stone unturned. I want to do this right the first time.

    I plan to build a completely new dashboard for my car. I have all the information, tools, and references I need to get started but I figured I'd ask the fabrication guys here, just to get some more suggestions.

    If anyone is not sure what I mean, check out the Alpine RSX project, and the dashboard they made. This is what I'm going to do, although less cosmetic and more practical than what they did.

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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    that dash is insane. i know I could never pull that off:-P too lazy and not much patience here. heh.
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    Yeah that was one insane dash. Have you got and sketches or mock up works for us to check out and maybe add some tips?

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    I have a few small ones that I was playing around with but nothing is set in stone yet. It starting to get warmer out, so when I get a break from work and school, I'm going to start measuring and throwing together some sketches.

    Basically, the plan is, build a 2 piece MDF skeletal frame (Top and Bottom), covered in fiberglass and wrapped in vinyl.

    I'm going to "try" to incorporate a small area for a Micro-ATX computer.
    The cooling pipes and vents probably wont match up, so I'm going to use ABS plastic tubes to create new ones. I work at a hardware store, so I can get materials for dirt cheap.

    Heres a picture of a Lexus IS300 dashboard that I've been looking at. I'd like to model it after this, specifically the center console area.

    Sorry if its a little big, I ripped it out of a magazine and scanned it.

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