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Thread: Where to put LCD display?

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    if u are just moving it down, i dont think you would have to modify the cable at all. just the wiring. The cable is going to the back of where you're planning to put it, so it woulnd't be a big deal. But if you're thinking glove compartment, than it would need modification.
    Thats assuming that everything in your is simmilar to my 94.
    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by morgant6911
    The top is AC Vents, Hazard Light and something else.

    BTW thats something else is rear defroster
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    yeah, just didnt have the button in front of me at the time.

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    use a trunk release cable and modifie it for how long you need it.

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    flip-out lcd unit where the radio is, and relocate the headunit to the glove box or some similiar place

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