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Thread: Good Fabrication Links:

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    Good Fabrication Links:

    As I have a Car Audio background and have Installed for a shop before; doing custom work, I figured I'd post some of my favorite links to get good info on fabrication. Here you are:;f=4;f=32

    Most all of the forums have info regarding fiberglassing, filling, sanding, vinyling, etc. One of the things I think a few members here would be excited about is the use of SEM texture spray on dash panels. Using this spray, and then the SEM dye, creates a texture that closely matches the plastic "Vinyl" or "Leather" texture found in most car interiors. This would be very useful when flushing a LCD screen frame into a factory dash bezel, and it needs to match the factory texture on the rest of the dash. Heres a link discussing just that:
    and a page of someone using the stuff itself:
    Hope this helps!

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    Wow, some great link.


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