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Thread: anyone using veneer?

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    anyone using veneer?

    I'm putting my Lilliput into my Jetta GLX double-din fixture. The GLX dash already has real wood trim, so I'd like to get a matching "faceplate" for
    the Lilliput.

    I've thought about building the frame using particle board, and then putting a stained veneer on top, and then a nice coat of polyurethane to give it a good gloss.

    Only problem is... I've never done this before... is this feasible? Are there any good places to get veneer (don't think a Home Depot would have those, correct)? What's the best way to attach the veneer to the frame-- rubber cement, wood glue, or something else?


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    its very easy to use it..

    to attcach it to the wood use a rubber cemenet. apply it to each side wait 5 mins for the sides to get tacky and then press em together..

    if u have a router u can use this to trim it to size.
    once u have the partical board to the right size and the vener will be slightly over size.

    u can get a small router bit with a ball bearing on bottom so that rolls along the wood and the cutter cuts it to the same size..
    if the edges arnt gonna be seen then u can cut it with anything.
    as for painting it its just like wood.. give it a light sand and paint

    ring up some good furnature building factories, they might have off cuts which are too small for them but good for u.


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