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Thread: What can i put here? 1997-2002 camaro indash PC install (pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by _maelstrom
    Wow, should I take offense to that? I've been here with my Camaro for quite some time.

    I'm just kidding. I've had my carpc setup in my Camaro for quite awhile now, but I'm looking to get rid of my car in favor of something new.
    do you have any pics of your setup? i'd like to see what an in-dash screen looks like on a 93-96 camaro? anyway, im thinking of building a custom dash for mine. haha.. the only way i'd get rid of my camaro is for a 1st gen camaro... no way in hell ill take any other car over a camaro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curiosity
    Just wanted to show you something similar since it's probably the exact same dimensions. This is centered, so it leaves less room than you would expect for buttons on the sides, but I think it looks better.
    bondo job back front
    That looks sweet! I want to do this in my TA, I thought I was going to have to relocate my AC controls to the center console. What do the buttons do? I see one of them is for screen power...

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    You have a M6 right? Do you smoke? Ash tray works well for putting a few switches or buttons in. That little cubby next to the cig lighter works well to put a switch panel in too. The trim plastic is a odd shape so its hard to put stuff center. I'm still trying to figure how to put my 8" LCD in my 02 Z28. Lots of Mod I guess.
    Pretty sweet 30th BTW.

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    It's actually a very tight fit with the lilliput LCD module being 105mm and the opening is around 103-105mm (not very even) from the top to the AC controls. That's why I didn't pick the Xenarc. It's 118mm I think. I dremelled a little off under the top (those plastic ribs) and moved the AC controls down about 2mm by grinding the screw holes and the holes that those pins go in. So now it's adjustable (up/down). I would think the Camero has more room on top so it's probably less of a problem. The buttons are LCD power, PC power, power antenna and garage door opener. Eventually I'll have the antenna and LCD back to being PC controlled though.

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