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Thread: cheap sound damping material?

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    Question cheap sound damping material?

    i see that some people reccommend other products(that have nothing to do with sound damping but do the same thing) but i do read about some downfalls. I live in san antonio TX, and it gets pretty hot here during the summer, they say the heat in a idle car here is about 130 degrees. What are some cheaper products than dynamat(4sq for $37 at bestbuy) that wont melt in the heat, smell like crap in the heat, or destoy my car all together?

    TIA -cheerio

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    i'm not sure about the melting, but I hear this stuff is good:

    the b-quiet extreme is cheap, and seems to work well.. I've never used it though, anyone have any opinions on it?

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    How about fiberglass insulation?
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    Hope this helps

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    This is what I use and I live in Florida. It got past 120 degrees inside the car and sound dampening was still holding up. Check it out. Just go to and look up the product number 9709T19.
    This stuff is pretty cheap too!

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    dynamat is supposed to be the best. might be a little expensive (don't know your budget), but... you get what you pay for.

    oops...just re-read your original post that you were looking for a cheaper alternative to dynamat.

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    go to elemental designs and look into teh eDead v3.0 liquid sound deadener. It took about half a gallon to do three layers on my trunk. It works great. You can check it out here and you can check out my car at
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