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Thread: Paint color of 98-02 Accord dash

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    Paint color of 98-02 Accord dash?

    My lilliput comes in today, and I'm about ready to mold it into the dash.
    I have the charcoal grey interior.

    I am using Dominion Rigid Filler (instead of Bondo) to make the mold.
    I have SEMS Soft Soap to prep/clean the plastic and Filler.
    I have bought 80 grit sandpaper.

    I have bought SEMS graphite grey vinyl paint. But I think it's too light or silver-ry (word?)

    My console looks almost black when I Armorall it. What did you guys use, who have the same car as me? Black paint?

    If I I keep on adding coatings, will it darker?

    What type of primer did you guys use? Brand/type?

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    Can someone at least tell me what brand/type of primer they used?

    (Sorry to be apain, but I may be installing it tonight.)

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    Sorry man, I'm having the same questions, but no answers

    My volvo has anthracite interior and I think I'll paint the screen part silver, just to avoid having it look like a 'nice try, but not quite there'

    Good luck anyway!

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    Okay check this...

    You are going to nee 80g sand paper 200g sand paper 500 or 600grit sand paper.

    You will need a lot of sand paper.

    You are going to be bondoing and sanding alot. you should spray a coat of primer (grey or black and the band doesn't matter i used krylon)

    every now and again to see where you need to add more filler and sand more off.

    The goal is to get it very smooth. Start with the 80 grit and then progress to the 200... Once you have the shape all perfect then start sanding with the 500 or 600 to git it super smooth.

    You may get pits or scratches that you will need to fill in.

    it took me about 12 hours both times.

    Good luck and post pics
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    used Flat Black vinyl paint on my 00 accord
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    If you can, just paint it all the same color. That or go to home depot (or someplace that can match paint chips), and get some paint custom matched.

    And then after that, the only thing that needs to be done is everything.

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