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Thread: help with next step BONDO FIBER ?

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    Thumbs up help with next step BONDO FIBER ?

    OKay this is what i got till now

    de alu-plate is gonna serve as mounting point for the plexy like you see in the next pic.


    i cut out roughly the Xenarc front out of the plexy glass

    how do i fixate it ? with the hot GLUEGUN ? fiberglassing it ?

    when spraying paint over the plexy should i first sand the plexy ? or just primer or bondo to heal the crashes in the plexy ?

    thanx for any help

    the sun always shine

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    plexy glass looks best when painted on the back side .Clean the plexy glass with alcohol . I would not primer the plexy glass. Why do you need the plexy glass why don't just flush mount lcd case right to meatal bracket you made?

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    because that way i can not DEMOUNT it easy , this way i can assurre the base ALU window is mounted fermly , and the screen with the plexy goes to it .

    plexy oonly one 1 site is not an option , plexy is scratched on both sides ( not new plexy)
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