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Thread: '00 maxima and my steath LCD

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    '00 maxima and my steath LCD project

    Ok, this may be a bit ambitious but what the hell here goes - I'd like to mount a dashpc in my car, I do not want to have some obstruction like an LCD mounted on my dash, for obvious reasons. But, I have an idea which I'm not sure if anyone has attempted, but none the less I'm sure its do-able. I would like my LCD mounted and hidden behind the center heater vents. The vents and its surrounding plastic frame will pop-up and hinge on the top section of the vent - sounds a bit confusing but I made a picture to help -

    Anyway, the only tough part I think would be coming up w/ the spring loaded hinge, and fabricating the whole release line. . . but imagine how sweet it would be!

    Any thoughts or suggestions? -you might also be asking why I wouldn't just pull the stock deck and mount the lcd in its place, my main reason for not going that route would be, the unit would be exposed to sun/thieves/prying eyes, and also I want to swap the deck for a real cd player-

    Thanks guys!

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    sounds like you got a lot of work ahead of you. I would use some small cheap hindges from Home Depot and hot glue some springs to the bottom of the vent. As far as the line, use some stranded steel line that is used for brake line on bikes.
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    Did your try this yet?

    I have a MAX too and I have been trying to fig out how to mount a LCD (TFT) without taking out the stock raido.


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