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Thread: Will molding a dash void a lilliput's warranty?

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    what about from the mp3car store, zip-lock can u let us know?
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    Is the Xenarc that much better?

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    search septic :P
    lilliput - cheap
    xenarc - expensive

    you get wot u pay for, depends on yr budget. So far ive had no problems with the lilliput.
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    I had Lilly for more than 30 days before it went bad and John Xu over at Lilliput took my screen and they shipped it to Hong Kong to get repaired; no charge to me. It had ben painted and all.
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    Does anyone find themselves up at night coming up with fabrication ideas for their carpc?

    I'm starting to like the idea of molding mdf or project wood on the console and simply having the lilliput snap on from behind. I've got lots of ideas and I guess I'm just going to play around. I can't wait to get the screen. This is going to be a great July 4th weekend.

    I figure I'd rather cut the center console. I can always get a replacement off of ebay for $40USD or so.

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    if you want, i have a case for liliput i am not using now since i transfered it to my in-dash unit this weekend. id let it go for probably like $20 shipped if youre interested.

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