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Thread: Does anyone want to build a fiberglass mold?

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    Does anyone want to build a fiberglass mold?

    I have just started this website

    I was inspired after spending months reading the mp3car forums. The basic idea is to get cheap easy to find laptops like a toshiba or IBM and turn it them into the ultimate car entertainment center. Because pentium II laptops only cost $100-200 on ebay the whole system should cost less then $500 to build including touch screen. I have already selected and purchased all the hardware and now need to build a case.

    My orginal plan was to build a metal case but after looking at some finshed projects fiberglass looks way nicer. I have mechanical drawings of the case I need to build, I am hoping I can find someone that can turn the drawings into a mold so I can cheaply and easily build it. I am willing to pay for this.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Post a pic of the piece that you need a mold of. Is it just a decorative faceplate? Here's some info on making molds:

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    Badly drawn picture of what I want

    Ok so I know I'm not good in photoshop.

    What I am want to do is have two fiberglass molds. One for the bottom that would just be flat a curve up at the sides about 5mm. The top part would have a cute out for the LCD and the same curves. I could the make metal brakets for the video out and power and bolt them to the sides of the fiberglass molds to complete the case.
    I have already put so much work into getting all the hardware I don't want to spend the next 3 months making a case. Here is the hardware that's going inside the box.

    Toshiba portege Pentium 300Mhz 192Mb Ram
    Touch Screen with touch contoller
    DC power supply
    FM Modulator to broadcast to FM channels
    Battery back up
    Shutdown controller.

    I have seen some people on the forums make some really aweome looking cases and want to do the same.

    I am still trying to get dimensions for the touchscreen controller and FM Modulator. Once they are done I can do mechanical drawings.
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    Are you looking for info on how to make your original case, or how to make molds from that so you can mass-produce the case? If you are trying to replicate an original, the key is to have the "plug" (original model) as PERFECT as possible right down to cosmetics such as PERFECT paint and everything... that is the key to having good reproduction. If you are looking for info on how to make your original... well, thats a completely different story. Be more specific and we'll go from there.


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    woah, registered and everything just to tell someone from 3 years ago that he can build something. I'm pretty sure since the website in the OP is gone, the OP has probably moved on to other things...
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