I have a 99 Tahoe to which I am wanting to add a lilliput or xenarc touchscreen to the dash.

I am trying to find hints, tips, suggestions on what to use to make my mods (dash material for molding, finishing, and paint), how to get a good finish, etc. Basically I have never done anything like this and all I have for reference is this board and the links I have found in it.

I have measured out the current dash openings, and I came to the conclusion that I will need to blank out the stock openings and start all over, moving my components around as neccesary to make the room I need to hold the screen.

I also wanted the installation to look 'factory' initially (match the radius of the factory dash corners and bezels, same texture, etc.). But now that the entire dash will be redone, I guess I can make my own look. Put differently, since I will be starting fresh, there is no more factory, and I guess I can make it look pretty much however I want, as long as I match it up.

I live in Dallas, so it gets HOT. From what I can find it seems that Duramix is the way to go to make sure I don't get cracking due to different expansion rates. Can anyone clarify if this sounds right? If not, then what could I use? If correct, which Duramix product(s) should I use? I will need to make sure I can accomplish these things with it:

  • Sturdy enough to secure the TS bezel and form a smooth transition around it.
  • Thin enough that I can smooth out the current dash texturing.
  • I want the TS buttons to protrude through the dash... at least I think this is what I want. Alternatives?
  • I will also need to somehow texture and color the final finish to something close to factory when I am done. Luckily the current color is black.

Advice on what I can do to accomplish these goals? Thanks in advance as always for the advice.