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Thread: dashboard console

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    Exclamation dashboard console

    I want to keep my old stereo because I don't want to have to go out and spend $$$ on a new one.

    Any suggestion on how I should install my LCD? I thought about putting it in the area blocked in red.
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    Looks like the technically logical place to mount it... someplace that you don't have to move things around too much, nothing behind it to give you trouble.

    BUT this location looks like a lot of sunlight might fall on it, which can make it hard to read during the day. And people on the board have mentioned before that when it is low in the dash it is a strain to look at it when you are trying to drive. Keep those things in mind.

    [edit] Also, this looks like the screen may end up pretty vertical, so you won't be looking straight on (if you doubt this is an issue, test it with a laptop). That combined with the low dash location could make it tough to read...

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    and your shifters in the way

    ...grow some balls and go headunit less!
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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    Replace the ducts.

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    I thought about doing a slideable face plate that slides up/down into the dash to reveal the LCD. My problem is circumventing the A/H vents.

    Kinda like this:
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