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Thread: color matching paint

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    color matching paint

    im building a overhead unit for my truck and am buying a unit off of ebay. THe problem is, the unit is a different color as my interior, so i need to paint it to match. How can i find the paint that matches my truck interior?

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    take a piece of the interior to Lowes or Home Depot, they can color match it. Not sure what type of paint to use though, I am thinking exterior.
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    If it's a common vehicle (say a chevy truck) chances are pretty good you can match it with Duplicolor paint which is available at most large auto parts stores (Napa, Auto Zone, etc). They also make a vinyl & plastic paint which is specifically designed for vehicle interiors, choices are a little thin in that though.

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    If you have a ford ranger and the console you are using is plastic, goto and search the forum. They should list a part # for Ford Factory match spray paint. It is about $13 a can.


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