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Thread: Custom faceplates & cases... interested????

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    Custom faceplates & cases... interested????

    I'm currently designing a custom fit faceplate to install a Lilliput touckscreen into my A4 and was wondering if there was any interest in me designing & making ones for other cars. I work for company in the plastics industry do would be able to make a mold that would produce the black plastic finish similar to most car dashboards. I'm posting this to see what interest is out there for this. Also, I'm thinking about custom made cases that would fit into specific cars glove boxes, trunks, under seats, etc.

    All feedback will be appreciated & considered!!

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    i would usually be interested, but there is no obvious place in a lot of cars, for example, i've removed the ash tray, coin storage and cigarette lighter socket panel and completely fabricated a new housing with mdf and vinyl.
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    There's a guy that does BMW faceplates that I've seen, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would rather pay someone else to do a nice job then try and bodge it themselves. Any idea how you'll do it? Maybe you'll have them send you part of their dash and their lilliput?

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    Seems to me that if you made an oversize replacement for the Lilliput Bezel there could be interest as people could then cut it down to match the size of their opening. Also replacement bezels would be popular as some folks are reluctant to bondo theirs into the dash as they can't really remove it ever again.

    Just a thought.


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    My own mod is done, but you could also make a replacement Lilli case that would make a Lilliput fit into a double-din opening... A lot of people have double-din.

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    might you point us to some information on your company or the equiptment you'd be using? My four year old (dating the information, not mental age) understanding of plastics fabrication is that there are really two scales on which things can be produced: 1-10, and 10,000+. The smaller range having an extremely high per unit cost, and the larger unit requiring an actual mold ($), and many units to get the per cost down because of the large initial cost.

    How would this not be cost prohibitive?
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    I am about to make my own dash piece for my E46 BMW. I'll likely knacker it up quite badly, so I'd be very interested in having a custome made piece...

    Give us an update on costs etc

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    PIcs would be the persuading factor.
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    Right now I'm in the process of designing a facia panel for a Lilliput screen into an Audi A4. It will be made in a similar way to injection molding although it will not be a hot molten liquid used, but instead a similar casting compound (black urethane, hardness rating 80) & therefore cheaper. I am really just throwing the question out there to see what interest & feedback there is. What kind of price would people be willing to pay for a OEM look adapter? As each car is specifically different & would therfore need individual molds made I may look into some kind of adapter that could be more generic across a range of vehicles or indeed a double din apadter. Which would be of more use to anyone (please specify vehicles).

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    Custom Mounts

    I am currently working on getting my lilliput into my Jeep 99 GC

    The radio bezel is the perfect fit, however it will take some modding..

    I have an extra bezel, would you be willing to test it out on mine?

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