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Thread: Where can I get a sheet of metal to create my own case?

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    thanks guys...this really helps...

    i've located a couple machine shops around i'm going to go and check those places and talk to the guys there

    this thread has been very helpful with all the suggestions...i hope other ppl benefit the way i have/will

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    Ughh, just one note about the machine shops, they ain't cheap! Fifty to Eighty bucks an hour or so. Go pick their brain but don't expect to get anything made cheap. They will be happy to sell you the supplies however...

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    If you can't bend the sheets, or if the bends don't look good, you can buy an "L" profile aluminum strip (I assume you will be using aluminum) to use at the joints, riveting the sheet metal to the profile with pop rivets. It even helps yielding an "industrial look"

    Anyway, that's how I am going to make my "case", but it will be mostly hidden under the passenger's side of the dash. I will use 2mm Al sheets.

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