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    Quote Originally Posted by GruvThang
    wow, those are great sites, LowMileLude double thanks, I like the servo contol off of your link too
    I got that off another forum I lurk. Pretty good info so I bookmarked it.

    The link and procedure I listed should give you a glossy smooth finish. It's really easy with flat surfaces because the table was the other 1/2 of the mold... OR he can do a rough finish of that Mashie did on the other side by wiping the excess off.

    Laying it over... I dunno. It might give the glossy surface or it might just goop and look awful. Gonna have to try each way and determine which is best for you.

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    Carbon Fiber Tutorial

    I found a pretty good video on carbon fiber but it doesn't get into vacuum bagging or anything. It just talks about wet layup. But still not bad.

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    The only reason to use a vacuum setup is if your making body parts and you want the pieces strong AND LIGHT. Carbon fiber and fiberglass are light materials, resin is heavy. The point of the vacuum setup is to suck out all excess resin to produce a piece thats super storng and super light. Also its great for complex shapes...

    You can cover pieces laying fiber on top of existing pieces without vacuuming. Take a look here:

    Civic forum

    A video How To

    As a side note, the buffing compound give the best finish... in my opinion.

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    An overlay tutorial

    There is a link to a tutorial on another website I frequent. What you want is called an overlay since you are laying carbon fiber over another part. I hope this helps

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