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Thread: Liliput touch screen in my Accord Type-R

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    Very nice i must say, but can you tell me where you got the piece in picture 1??
    did you make it yourself??

    Im a total noob wrt fibreglass and i have a civic r type too so ireckon yours maybe a good fit on mine...

    any chance of a little help or if you made another then i be very interested in it !!
    XBOX Civic- dcdc converter, 7.2" touch lcd, Evox, Gentoox, 160 gig hdd, Wlan on the way, Custom Paint job

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    Quote Originally Posted by l9nux
    I live in the UK, which is where you'll find the Accord Type-R.
    Me and my A-SPEC '99 Accord are jealous, very jealous indeed. Very nice clean job. If you feel like deporting your car for some strange reason one day I can give you a good address to ship it to.

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