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Thread: Best materal to create a case from

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    I would stay away from anything plastic (plexi, abs, etc.) as these materials are prone to generating static electricity and they don't provide any protection from electromagnetic interference. Very bad for computer innards.

    If you do want to use plastic, get the Static-Dissipative kind, which you can get from McMaster-Carr.

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    old computer case.

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    Here's what I'd do:

    Fiberglass the case, sand it down nicely, and give it a few coats of truck bed liner. That way you'll have the nice plastic look, and it'll be extreme tough (After all, it's truck bed lining).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpnstail
    I am really not sure I will be showing it off at all. I am a bit paranoid about giving anyone a reason to break into my car.

    In that case just make an aluminium box.

    or get an existing case and customise it.

    Then hide it behind wherever

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