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Thread: First Fiberglass Project....have questions...

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    I completed my first FG project about 2 weeks ago, I had a few air bubbles, What I did was wait for every thing to harden , drill a hole, or grind the top off of the bubble and fill it with resin, I know too much resin can make it weak, but it works. Also, I discovered that There are different weights of FG mat. Next time I'm using 6 oz instead of wal mart bondo mat that weighs in at a heafty 1/2 oz .
    I used chris's web site alot, that guy is great

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    Where aer you going to get your mat next time? I have been getting mine at Home Depot along iwth my resin. Funny thing is they don't carry any extra hardener. Oh Well.

    I am adding one more later then going to drill the small holes and fill in with some resin.

    Then hopefully if the kids dont bug me too much, I wil be able to cut it to shape today.
    I will post pics when I am done. Not that anyone here needs them
    The future is not set. There is no fate but the one we make......S.C.

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    really? Both of my two local homdepots carry extra hardener.. just above the 1 gallon cans. If you really need hardener, see if you have another homdepot in the area, they may have it.

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    Well I live 20 miles form the nearest home depot. The next one that is close if over 35 miles away


    Well I drilled holes in the larger air pockets. What I did was the following:

    I drilled all the holes first. Then I stuffed little pieces of mat in the holes with a small stick. Then I poured resin, then a bit more mat. I used that pattern until the whole was stuffed.

    It only took a few min. The holes/air pockets are now the dark resin look that the rest of the box has.

    I know that is not as good as originally doing it correctly.....but I am sure it is a step up from leaving the air pockets

    Now I will wait about an hour, then fit it back in the car and mark the final shape. Then out comes the dremel!
    The future is not set. There is no fate but the one we make......S.C.

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