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Thread: Started Cutting today.

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    Mounting the Lilliput in-Dash securely.

    How have you guys gone about fastening the rear circuit board(touchpanel controller) securely to the front LCD circuit board.
    Normally the touchpanel controller is fastened to the rear of the Lilliput case but in dash there is no back portion of the case.
    I thought about somehow using zip ties....
    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Somehow accidently double posted so I just edited this post to a question I wanted to ask anyway because I couldn't figure out how to delete it, sorry.

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    Looks good... I used epoxy putty (called qwik-steel) to fasten my bezel to the dash piece. As for your question, I can't be of much help because I managed to reuse the back piece...

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

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