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Thread: 99 Jeep GC: Serious recommendations requested

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    99 Jeep GC: Serious recommendations requested (Need opinions, Let the dealer do it?)

    Well I am finally buckling down and going to put my lilliput and slimline slot load dvd into my radio bezel in my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I went to the local radio shop today to get my wiring kit for the opus and started talking about doing the fab work on the bezel.

    He said that they would do it for me for $65/hour and guestimate 2-3 hours of work. I told him what I planned to do was use fiberglass-bondo to do the work, and he told me that it would probably work, but they do it a different way using cut plastic pieces, and then a plastic-weld type material. He then warned me about bondo (normal or fiber) has a tendancy to crack in the Kansas heat...

    Now normally, $200 would make me walk, but I just came into $1000 for doing very little work, and I have already earmarked this as play money.

    Being as though this is my first ever attempt at ANY kind of fab work, do you think it would be worth it to just have it professionally done? It would probably come out a lot cleaner than if I did it myself, although I would not have the fun of doing it myself... Then again, it would be done a hell of a lot sooner...

    Please give me your suggestions, no need to hold back on me.

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    If you can afford it, and don't want to do it yourself, and want it soon, then of course have a pro do it! I do my own work, but thats because I have a friend who was pro-taught and has done a LOT of fiberglas fab work, and he has taught me a lot about it all
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