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Thread: e46 screen mounting idea's for 7" Lilliput

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    e46 screen mounting idea's for 7" Lilliput

    Hi guys,

    I finally managed to find some pics of how i need/want my sceen mounted in my BM, i have chosen this position as i my business tape deck has the Bluetooth display option built in.

    It might be of intrest to ither e46 owners as i have searched high and low for these pics.

    Now all i need to do is find someone to carry the job out for me. I am currently in talks to someone and will post more details later.

    P.S if there's anyone with more pics or installs like these please post here, also if there's a list of users who actually do work for other users for a small fee.(haha) (in the UK)
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    I would love one of these...

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    Check out my install... I love the way mine looks. see sig
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    interesting concept, what happened with it mate?

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