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Thread: Website for 2din specifications

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    Website for 2din specifications

    Is there a website with engineering specifications on 2din? Such as the exact height, width, and depth of the 2din specification? Also, such important details like the location of any brackets or screw holes. Pictures and such would be important.

    In my Nissan xterra, there is a 2din opening, and the stock radio has vertical (like ears) plates on the sides that attach to the interior of the vehicle. I wanted to know if it's like that for other vehicles with 2 din openings as well.

    The reason why I ask is that I will soon have access to a machine shop, and maybe if my modification idea to turn the lilliput to fit into a 2 din opening would work, i may sell the actual brackets and such for a reasonable price. it would, of course, entail removing the lilliput from the actual plastic casing and putting it into a new one.

    Oh yeah, the buttons wouldn't be accessible, and the design rather simple and rudimentary but the IR port will be acessible so you can use your remote.

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    I'm pretty sure that the screw position changes with different auto makers but you could just have multiple holes in the brackets. If you check out the side of a head unit you can see the tapped holes in side of the chasis. Good luck with the design, if you get it worked out you should check with ziplock to see if he'll stock some in the store.

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    also, in addition, it would be brushed aluminum everything. so if people want a different look, then they are going to have to put vinyl dash stickers or paint it for the black oem look. plastic is out of the question, so it has to be metal. also i've seen black DIY universal plastic kits for 2 din on autotoys too, so that could work as well.

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