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Thread: Buttonless Lilliputs

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    you could probably yank a few from some old stereos that have the remote knobs or something of that nature. Then again, you could just make a sliding door with some resistance, somewhat like a breadbox.

    Then again, I hate bread. And it wouldn't look as cool.
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    there was a thread about this somewhere on here and if you guys look at the new scion tc it has a cover over the cd player that you can open and close.

    my idea was kind of like yours but the problem is space and geting the cover to fold for a flush look when its open or closed. i have been thinking insted of have the cover come out from the top or bottom of the unit why not have it coming for the side? or have a half come from each side having them to meet and sit over laping but flush at the same time in the middle of the area ? any one have any ideas how this could be done?

    just a few pointers and thoughts

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