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Thread: USB Touchpad into center console...

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    search for a glidepoint, i used to have a ps2 one, dont know about anymore

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    yeah but it does not have the 2 buttons that a mousa has. I am looking for that.
    What's this? A phone that works without wires? I won't have it!

    Did you even read the site? That touchpad does everything a normal mouse does; some things easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jthiani
    Hey Macguru....great job on the touchpad.....quike question.... i was doing some searching online and i cant find a customizable track pad you know if theres anyone who make it?? or what kind of material is it made from?? im working on another carpc project for a friend and i would like to install this touch pad with a custom logo on the touchpad. I was thinking of printing something on sticky vinyl film and laminating it then using it as the track pad film......i just ordered the touchpad but im just courious to know if you have come acress anything like this....

    You should be able to just use vinyl to cover the pad.
    Failure is not an option....

    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    This is the website I ordered from. As you can see, they offer overlays for just about everything. Use and translate to your language.

    Here's what I used for my application.

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