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Thread: planning a carputer, input needed!

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    planning a carputer, input needed!

    pretty soon im gonna start a carputer

    im going to have a lilliput molded in-dash, not sure if its gonna be buttonless though

    one question i have, im a little skeptical about putting the carputer in the trunk.

    in the trunk im going to have a 12" adire brahma with 1200-1500W (still havent decided on the amp yet)

    would the massive vibrations destroy the carputer?

    i am very experienced in building computers, but never built a carputer. what would be the best material to build the case out of?

    planned specs for the carputer:

    micro ATX motherboard, socket A w/ ddr and onbard video
    512 pc2100ddr (free, i got it sitting here collecting dust)
    athlon xp 2400
    160gb WD HDD
    audigy 2 OEM soundcard
    cheapo DVD rom

    approx $250-$300 to build that system, and it will perform decent and run anything i need it to

    also, it will be powered by the 150W opus

    and a 7" lilliput touchscreen

    i was thinking mounting the case under the glovebox in the pass side footwell, but id be afriad of stupid passengers kicking it

    anyone have any advice/suggestions/comments please let me know


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    Yeah, I had the same problem, didn't know exactly where to put it. I ended up putting mine under my driver's seat. Its in a motherboard box, fits perfectly. I haven't had any heating issues with it yet, but something that I need to address later.

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    Sounds like a good set up. Subwoofer vibrations cause no problem with it, just make sure everything is mounted somehow. Don't leave anything hanging. As far as making a case, just make sure its well venthilated. You also might want to have a metal back piece that the motherboard mounts to, ground that just incase.

    EDIT: Also when building the case, make sure all PCI and AGP cards are mounted. Subwoofers and road vibrations will really rattle those out.
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    I'd build a fake MDF trunk floor and sneak the carputer in there. This way the vibrations will be reduced (or at least, I think so...).

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    I asked this very question (my first post on this site actually). I was told it would be safe to mount in the trunk. So far it's been great. I have had no problems, my trunk also houses 2 rockford 12" subs being powered by a 1000 watt jbl so I have a lot of vibrations back there.

    Also I have done no special fab work the carputer is acutally mounted on top of the sub enclosure in a custom metal housing. Just make sure that you have properly secured all your components.

    So, I am going to pass the same advise on to you.

    Hope this helps.

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    are you guys using normal harddrives, or laptop ones?

    i know the laptop ones can handle more vibrations

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    Quote Originally Posted by russell1337
    are you guys using normal harddrives, or laptop ones?

    i know the laptop ones can handle more vibrations
    3.5" (full size) HDD. Almost 4 years and not one problem.

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